We dislike the term "company",
what we have here is not a company, it's just a group of people that banded together in order to make life of other people easier. We use programs such as "Photoshop" and "SAI" for images and design, "Sony Vegas Pro" and "Adobe After Effects" for video editing. It's not hard for us to do these jobs, not because we are "pros" or something like that, it's because we enjoy doing it and meeting new people along the way. Soon enough we'll start hiring people, we look forward to it!


"I was born in a small city where at a time almost no one knew how to edit videos,images or design on their own. Older people usually asked younger ones to do such jobs for them since they can't be bothered to learn it on their own. I think that's still a problem nowadays. Everyone can learn it... Anytime. We're learning while we're living, there's no changing that, and besides, if you really want to learn something, you will.

That's why this company is made, as we do jobs for you, we will also little by little try to get you into it so you learn how it's done, so someday you can do it on your own. There's also a possibility that you just want the job done without learning it. That's fine too."

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"My life has always been about overcoming challenges. You set your goal and you try to reach it with everything u have.

When someone talks about starting a company... it sounds impossible, like the chances of success are zero. But as you start, and solve problems one by one you will make that company you wished at the beginning. And with every challenge you pass, you will learn new things and develop new skills. We evolve with every job we have. We learn every day, and overcome every obstacle in our way and try to make best services that you can find, as long as we're talking about editing."