• Basics

  • How do I order something?

    You can order anything by going to services > choose your category (images, videos, design), then find the service you like and press "Read More", after that you will be prompted to choose between "Buy Now" and "Try For Free".

  • What is a "Secret Word"?

    It's a word of your choice, it can even be random letters. After you submit your "Try For Free" form we will also receive that word. So when you contact us we will ask you what it is, that way we can stop someone else using your name after you first communicate with us. Please always use the same one.

  • What is the difference between "Buy Now" and "Try For Free"?

    By choosing "Buy Now" you don't have to fill out the form about yourself, we will get some of your info through paypal payment, enough for us to contact you, also, we will do the full desired job after you specify us what you need.
    By pressing "Try For Free" you first need to fill out the form about yourself so we can contact you, after that, you can still tell us what needs to be done, we will do only PART of the job you asked us to do, just enough for you to decide if you want our services or not.

  • How do I send you material for the job?

    Since we do not have integrated website chat yet, you can send it to us either through mail or through provided social media. It's recommended through mail because video/image quality doesn't degrade like that.

  • What is your work time?

    We are mostly available between 08:00 - 00:00 in UTC+2 timezone.

  • Delivery

  • When can I expect the completion of my order?

    You can expect your order to be completed within 2 days, you can even specify that you need it fast for whatever reason, that'll give us more priority over your order. Please note that orders like video editing will take longer, up to 2 weeks.

  • What do I do if you don't answer my order or contact me after I order something?

    First, check that you've typed our E-Mail correctly first, after that, contact our support (support@ewedevelopments.com), support mails are top priority ones so don't use them carelessly.
    There's a possibility that we do not receive our order, if that happens please contact us immediately.